Our business idea

Our company vision is to utilize the platform we have in terms of competence and our custom-made property with a gold position. In order to maximize these opportunities, we have decided to cooperate with talented actors in the market. We can offer value to professional partners and retailers through our services and products.

Our ambition is to create a network of partners that make our amazing services and products reach the market

We create win-win, we ensure that our partners deliver good service and quality to their end customers 

Our Dealers

Today we have a number of very good distributors who work hard to ensure that our products’ potential is emerging. We are also pleased to support our retailers with technical advice, analysis and training, outside to the users.

Our services as a subcontractor

The major raw material chemicals distributors utilize our services in the form of refinements and customizations for chemicals, but we also handle the manufacturing of specialty chemicals, for suppliers of specialty chemicals to the industry.

Our degreasers

Marketed and sold by dealers in different segments ex:

  • Industrial Machine Manufacturer; Which wants to ensure that their machine’s potential is optimized using our customized chemicals and is not compromised by users choosing substandard chemistry. The impression of machine performance and responsibility towards users increases if they deliver equipment and chemicals that are compatible. All to ensure the final result at the customer’s disposal. We have developed formulas that are tailored to the dealer’s technicians. We have developed degreasers, detergents and cleaners with specific operating advantages for industrial dishes such as dipping washers, ultrasonic washers and other different washers.
  • Specialty Chemicals Suppliers; Whose business concept is to deliver high quality technical solutions to the manufacturing industry. We provide a product catalog that is adapted to the supplier’s range. All in order to ensure that the reseller can offer products that meet the customer’s needs.
  • Lubricants Suppliers; Which takes greater responsibility for its users as it offers a compatible solution for the customer. To offer their customers an oil or lubricant that then creates problems in the washing process or which gives a bad end result is not a lubricant that is perceived positively. But if you can offer the customer an amazing lubricant and also ensure that it works throughout the manufacturing process then you have created customer value and fulfilled customers needs. We formulate cleaning chemicals that are compatible with your own product. Which ensures that we can focus on reduced destruction costs, reduce chemical use and improve sustainability in terms of improved environment and work environment.

Custom made

Custom made or Private Label is a major part of our production. If you have a product or product idea, we can together create new products or renew existing ones.
Assume everything is possible!

Other type of cooperation

For us, sustainability and focus on continuous improvement are prio one. We think it’s a must to be a natural part of the future. Being a part of projects, development work and initiatives that create new possibilities in terms of digitization, sustainability and security are something we are looking forward to. We are happy to discuss joint projects in the form of new investments in chemical manufacturing or the creation of new products.