The history of our degreasing chemicals

As a manufacturer of specialty chemicals we received the honor of producing degreasing chemicals for Amfolyten AB. A company founded by Anders Östling. With over 40 years of experience in product development and manufacturing of effective degreasers, cleaning and detergents for the manufacturing industry, we can see that Anders has a unique competence.

When Industrikemiproduktion received the offer to take responsibility for this amazing product range, we were of course positive. Anders ability to create degreasing products for the manufacturing industry can not be compared to the product development of the major competing companies. Our products have proven to be so much better.

The ability to produce a product with a good degreasing effect is not particularly difficult. However, to produce a product that gives excellent degreasing, rust protection and is not corrosive to either the material you wash as for the person who manages the product, it requires much more. But the absolute greatest advantage of using our products is that we create an opportunity to reuse the chemicals in the bath, reducing the costs of disposal, chemicals and working hours. By chemically handling the oil in the bath, we create the conditions for its cleavage. In this way we increase the lifespan of the bath considerably. We have several end users who have not changed degreasing baths for over two years.



Our goal is to be your obvious choice of partners in the field of industrial chemistry

We extend ourselves to note that our products are of high quality. The reason we are very good at what we do is due to our 50 years of experience and product development within a relatively narrow product segment; Neutral degreases and alkaline detergents to the manufacturing industry.

We can offer our customers and partners a great value

We provide cleaning products that are tailored to our partners’ products or services so that they can be used together as a compatible device solution. In this way, our partners can offer their customers a greater value when they market and implement their products or services in a production process.

We want to work in close cooperation with our dealers and be responsive to what service and support you desire. We can assist with sampling, advice and knowledge regarding cleaning technology.


With complete service, we mean that we can offer our dealers the prerequisites for effective cleaning and optimization of chemical handling to the users. We provide training, clear instructions, sampling and follow-up, all to ensure a safe cleaning process.

Our range includes

  • Degreasing agent, focusing on neutral degreaser
  • Amplifier as a complement to very hard soiled surfaces.
  • Accessories and maintenance products that extend life longevity significantly for industrial washes.
  • Floor cleaning products for both manual cleaning and machine cleaning.
  • Iron phosphatization for surface treatment.
  • Defoamers.
  • Chemestry for washing after Thermal deburring.