Our goal is to be your obvious choice.

We are a growth company with many years of experience in the production of industrial chemicals. Our range consists of industrial chemicals and mixing services. Everyday we meet a great need for our services and products, and our supply is increasing as time goes by.


Our strength is our expertise, experience and responsibility to provide chemicals daily to our customers and retailers.

Our goal is to achieve win-win for both parties. Focusing on the added value we create. We are proud to be one of the first companies in Sweden to be certified to ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 according to the latest standard. It is important to us as a small company in an industry that places high demands on the environment and compliance to show that we take our responsibility and want to act as a serious player in our industry. Transparency and honesty permeate our entire business, “says Charlotte Stigen Lockberg, CEO of IKPAB.

GDPR Policy

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50 years of experience

We are constantly working on quality improvement processes and we maintain a very high level of products as well as the services we offer. The reason is that we have linked to over 50 years of experience and product development within a relatively narrow segment; Neutral degreases and alkaline detergents to the manufacturing industry.

We see that we can offer our customers and partners a great value. Working with customers and retailers to develop customized solutions gives us the opportunity to provide value in the form of better products, safer manufacturing processes and longer life-longevity. This in turn gives optimization of working hours, reduced environmental impact and reduced disposal costs.

We can also provide cleaning products that are tailored to our partners’ products so that they can be used together as a compatible device solution.

We want to work in close cooperation with our customers and be responsive to the service and support that your washing systems / productions require. We can assist with sampling, advice and knowledge regarding cleaning technology.

Our vision is to be your obvious choice of collaborative partners in the field of industrial chemistry.

Our motto is to deliver complete service. This means that we as a customer have the right conditions for efficient cleaning and use of industrial dishes. We also offer training, sampling and follow-up, all to ensure a safe cleaning process. The products are also accompanied by clear instructions.

Our product offer

  • Degreasing agents that are very popular with our customers because of its efficiency.
  • Amplifier as a complement to very hard soiled surfaces.
  • Accessories and maintenance products that extend life longevity significantly for industrial washes.
  • Floor cleaning products for both manual cleaning and machine cleaning.
  • Iron phosphatization for surface treatment.

The products are manufactured in our own lab and are customized to give each customer the best possible results. An advantage for both you and your customer as well as our retailers. We provide you with a safer and safer process environment.

As a customer of ours you will get

  • Increased operational reliability in production facilities through more efficient products.
  • Support and advice on how to clean demanding materials efficiently.
  • Savings in chemicals, money and time through optimized use of accessories and maintenance products.