Contract blending

In our modern production facility we can produce chemical products according to customer specification.

Our warehouse and manufacturing is built and designed to meet modern requirements for handle chemicals and production in an environmentally safe way.



The ability to offer our customers and partner’s a production of Chemical Products in a plant meeting all requirements from the authorities and in combination with our skilled staff we ensure our customer carefree handling of their needs.

Due to increased focus on environmental issues we have seen higher interest in outsourcing production and handling of Chemical products. Our strategy is to offer the market manufacturing in cost effective and environmental safe manner. We can handle the entire chain from purchasing of raw materials, manufacturing, warehousing and distribution to the end customer. By this our customers can focus on getting their products on the market and we do the rest.

We can supply in bulk, IBC, or any packaging down to 5 liter bottles. In our tank deck we can store up to 25 m3 of products and fill to desired packaging and quantity.

In our production facilities we can produce batches from 3000 down to 200 liters batches and fill in to desired packaging sizes and with product labeling according to our customers demands. Batch control and analyses of each production are done according to customer demands and certificate of conformance if needed.

It is of great importance to us to maintain a strictly confidentiality of all information’s given by any customer and we can sign confidentiality agreements to ensure and protect intellectual properties and formulas.
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Dissolving and dilutions

There is an increased interest from customers to outsource its production of Specialty Chemicals. Even minor adjustments of Chemical products historically handled by users before use in their production have now become a problem due to increased pressure from authorities and workers safety. Many users therefore require that the manufacture or distributor supply ready to use products.

We can customize according to the customers’ needs, as an example by diluting a product or dissolving a powder product into liquid form and correct concentration for use.

Powder milling of caked raw materials

In order to widen our services to our customers we have invested in a powder milling equipment and we can recover materials, which due to wrong handling or long transportation by sea, has caked and cannot be used. It can also be used in mixing or diluting caked chemicals or just to be refill into Big bags.

Bulk handling

Bulk handling of liquid chemical products require expertise and correct eqiupment in order to ensure safe and economical handling. We have long experience of working with liquid Chemical products and holds necessary permits and certifications to assist you.

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